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Music Lessons, Coachings, & Workshop Offerings

Here are my current offerings at Zabatta Studios & Solutions.  Look over the services below, and let me know what interests you.  Sessions can also be customized.

Music Lessons | Acting Lessons | Piano | Voice | Singing

Lessons in Music & Acting

Private Voice

Whether you want to sing as a creative outlet or you want to perform professionally, understanding how to use your voice effectively is essential for you to move forward.  I tailor instruction to meet your needs.  this way you learn the essentials of building vocal technique while also singing music you love.

Acting & Voice Coachings

These powerful sessions are essential to helping you build compelling characters and scenes in addition to using your voice in a healthy, dynamic way to portray those scenes.  Build your technique and skillset while telling engaging stories.

Private Piano

Piano Lessons through my studio are customized to make sure you learn essential skills of the instrument while learning music you love.  If you have a piano or keyboard in your home, we can offer an in-person or online lesson options to meet your needs.

Hybrid Piano & Voice

Learning an instrument like piano or guitar can be a great way to supplement your singing.  I offer a combination of piano and voice for those wanting to sing and accompany themselves.  This is also a great way for you to develop your skills as a potential songwriter.

Coaching | Life Coach | Team Building Workshop | Colorado

Coaching for 
Individuals & Businesses

Coaching Sessions:
Your Voice, Your Brand, Your Business

Why is it essential to spend your time, energy, and resources learning about your personal brand?  It allows you to live life on purpose and lead your career with consistency, not just reacting to circumstances.  Our courses are designed to help you find your authentic voice and personal brand while also helping you communicate and share them effectively in your business.  

Workshop: Your Voice,
Your Brand, OUR Business

Our team workshops take the ideas behind "Your Voice, Your Brand, Your Business" even further by helping each person discover their role within the team, how to build rapport, and how to communicate and work together efficiently.

Workshop: Rapport & Engagement for Business Professionals

Have you ever gone to a concert or a play and felt utterly moved by the show, drawn to the magnetic energy of the performer?  Do you wish you could impact and motivate others with that same energy?  In this workshop, you will learn techniques used by performers to connect with audiences, build rapport, and create change by reaching them where they are.  This is a great workshop for businesses and teams.

Performance Masterclass | Theatre Coaching | Classical Singer | Performance Resume Building

Performance Masterclasses & Workshops

Masterclass: Vocal Performance

If you want your singers to take their singing and performance skills to the next level, contact me to set up a voice masterclass.  I'll provide a safe and supportive environment where the singer can feel free to take risks and dig deep into their pieces.  This work is essential for any performer wanting to build their craft.

Coachings: Building Your Brand & Business as a Performer

While studying and working to perfect their craft, it is all too often the case that an emerging artist isn't given the tools to build their image and manage their business.  In these sessions, you'll receive training in developing your brand, creating your mission statement, plus building PR materials and strategies essential to starting up your career and moving forward.

Workshop: Audience Connection for Musicians & Performers

For any performer, the job is to tell dynamic stories and connect with audiences.  This workshop will help you engage with your audience from the moment you step on stage and then take it further to leave a great lasting impression.  In this session, you can also learn to take nervous energy and channel it into your performance.

Workshop: Aria & Song Preparation

Much work can go into getting an aria or song performance ready - even beyond notes, rhythms, and translation.  This workshop will help you dive deep into your pieces, create fully developed characters, and place strong intentions into your music.


Joshua is a great teacher, he has been very catering to my individual goals on the piano. I've been doing online lessons with him for over a month now, and I'm always excited for what he's gonna bring to the session. I strongly recommend him.

Ryan Willmon

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