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Lesson Onboarding Form

Please fill out the form below as you are best able.  This will help me ensure you have a tailored lesson plan and that your needs are met through this process.  This also serves as the agreement to our studio policies.

Client Information

Student Information

What instruments/skills is the student interested in learning?
STUDENT GOALS: Choose what best applies to you.

Awareness of Commitment

As the student (or parent/guardian of the student), I am committing to the following studio requirements:

     1.  The student must practice at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each time.

     2. The student must be prepared and at the lesson location with lesson book/materials on time each week.

     3.  For students under 16 years of age taking in-studio lessons, an adult must be available to ensure the

          student has adequate transportation to and from the studio.

     4.  I agree to abide by the studio's policies as stated in the provided studio policy document.

Thanks for submitting!
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