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Benefits of working with us

Instruction from


Instruction with us comes only from active performing and teaching professionals.  Our Studio brings a high level of experience and practical industry knowledge into all lessons & workshop sessions.

Stronger Focus & Discipline

It takes time and patience to master an instrument or skillset.  Those who work with us learn to create goals while also creating plans to achieve those goals, keeping them focused and motivated.

Confidence & Stage Presence

While practicing presentation skills or musical pieces, our students and clients see progress as they work toward mastering assignments.  This confidence overflows into other parts of life.

Learn to Listen

& Collaborate

Our students consistently improve their listening, not just musically but also in conversation.  Sessions with us provide also opportunities to improve collaboration and build rapport within a team.

Boost Memory Function

Our studio assigns a variety of musical, public speaking, and communication assignments. These assignments  force students to think creatively, which is essential to improving memory function.

Customized Learning

We've found there is no one size fits all approach to learning.  At Zabatta Studios, we always conduct an intro lesson first, allowing us to get to know you and tailor lessons to fit exactly what you need.

Our Students Feel Like Pros

While all of our lessons are entertaining and enriching, they also give our students and clients practical experience as well as ways show off their newly learned pieces and developed skills.

More Present

& Mindful

Activities like singing, playing an instrument, & public speaking can help you live in the moment more often. You learn to center on sounds, actions, & feelings which help reduce stress & increase focus.

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