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  • What is your lesson and coaching session cancellation policy?
    At Zabatta Studio, at least 24 hours notice is required for a cancelled lesson or coaching session. Failure to notify ZMS in a timely manner may result in the student or responsible party paying for that lesson. Please understand that this is the industry standard not only for the majority of private teachers and coaches but for other businesses as well. In cases of illness or other emergencies, the studio makes exceptions and will make an effort to reschedule the lesson. If the student is ill, please contact the studio immediately so other lesson arrangements can be made or the session can be rescheduled after the student recovers. If the individual will be discontinuing lessons (due to a move or other circumstances) or requesting a break from lesson, we request 30 days notice to ensure billing in our system is cancelled in a timely manner. Failure to do can result in a charge for sessions.
  • How effective are ONLINE sessions, and what equipment do I need?
    Online Sessions are a very convenient yet effective way to receive instruction. You get the convenience of learning from the comfort of your own home while also getting personalized training from a real instructor with years of experience. For those taking piano, our teachers have an adjustable camera set up over their keyboards. This enables them to easily demonstrate correct fingering and other techniques useful to you. In order to have Skype, Zoom, or Facetime lessons, you will need several items in your home (besides your instrument, for music lessons): 1) A device with a good camera and microphone: This may be a computer or tablet device. However, newer cellphones are tending to have much more effective cameras and microphones than before. Any of these will do. We recommend doing a test video call before starting up lessons. For vocal students, it'll help to have an additional device from which you can play a recorded track or accompaniment at the same time as the lesson. 2) A Strong, Dependable Internet Connection: While you may have a great device for streaming the video call, it won't matter too match if the connection gets lost easily. Generally, for a video call, you should have a stable internet connection with at least a minimum upload speed of 10 Mbps and a minimum download speed of 40 Mbps. However, for better quality picture and sound, we recommend 100 Mbps Download Speed and 25 Mbps Upload Speed. Please check with your internet provider to ensure you have a good internet/wifi connection with adequate download and upload speeds for video calls. 3) A room or space in your home free from interruptions for the length of the lesson: In order for you to get the most out of our instruction, it is crucial that you create a space where you can focus during the lesson. Otherwise, you won't get as much out of your time as you need. This space should also be one in which you can practice throughout the week. Please also check that this location has a good internet connection or signal from your wifi (as mentioned above).
  • Why do music/performance students have an introductory lesson before enrolling?
    An introductory lesson could also be called a "Get-To-Know-You" Lesson. It gives the student and instructor a chance to get to know eachother and develop rapport before embarking on regular lessons. It also helps ensure all parties are on the same page from the beginning. Other Benefits for students include: - Getting to know the teacher - Sharing what you want out of lessons with the teacher, allowing the teacher to customize the lessons to meet your needs - Learning what to expect in lessons as well as how to practice effectively - Learning how to get the most our of your lessons experience - Having time to present questions to the instructor before purchasing further lessons Benefits for the teacher include: - Getting to know the students and how they work best - Learning what the student needs so the lesson can be specifically tailored to them - Having time to talk with the parents and sharing tips that will help the parents support the students in this new venture.
  • What is your pricing model at Zabatta Studios?
    Zabatta Music Studio works on a package model. The studio sells custom packages of lessons based on what the students and clients need. After the individual has a consultation or introductory lesson with an instructor to determine if it's a good fit, we will walk them through the details of what packages are offered. We can also discuss ways to customize the package to meet to the individual's specific needs. For Music & Acting Lessons Our In-Home Lesson Packages (where the instructor travels to you) range from $230 per month to $570 per month depending on lesson length and number of lessons per package. Online and In-Studio Packages range from $120 to $270 per month. Please also note that purchasing larger packages gives the student other added benefits like Shared Lesson Options, Bonus Songbooks, added customizations, and more. For Coaching Sessions & Workshops Packages for Coaching Sessions cost around $280 per month (minimum of 1 hour-long session per week). The cost of Workshops and Masterclasses depend on the the number of participants and number of sessions. These can be customized for small groups or teams.
  • What are the benefits of taking music lessons from Zabatta Studios?
    At Zabatta Studios, the focus is on giving all students a well rounded educational experience. Yes, the student learns to read music, play better, sing better, and perform more effectively. However, the student learns other important life skills as well. These include more effective communication, expression, presentation skills, and interpersonal skills plus building stronger overall confidence, developing work ethic, and improving focus. This all happens in addition to having a good time and developing camaraderie with others in the studio. In addition, adult students find lessons to be a great creative outlet after a busy workweek. For more about the benefits of studying and playing music, we've shared a short TED Talk here.

Benefits of working with us

Instruction from


Instruction with us comes only from active performing and teaching professionals.  Our Studio brings a high level of experience and practical industry knowledge into all lessons & workshop sessions.

Stronger Focus & Discipline

It takes time and patience to master an instrument or skillset.  Those who work with us learn to create goals while also creating plans to achieve those goals, keeping them focused and motivated.

Confidence & Stage Presence

While practicing presentation skills or musical pieces, our students and clients see progress as they work toward mastering assignments.  This confidence overflows into other parts of life.

Learn to Listen

& Collaborate

Our students consistently improve their listening, not just musically but also in conversation.  Sessions with us provide also opportunities to improve collaboration and build rapport within a team.

Boost Memory Function

Our studio assigns a variety of musical, public speaking, and communication assignments. These assignments  force students to think creatively, which is essential to improving memory function.

Customized Learning

We've found there is no one size fits all approach to learning.  At Zabatta Studios, we always conduct an intro lesson first, allowing us to get to know you and tailor lessons to fit exactly what you need.

Our Students Feel Like Pros

While all of our lessons are entertaining and enriching, they also give our students and clients practical experience as well as ways show off their newly learned pieces and developed skills.

More Present

& Mindful

Activities like singing, playing an instrument, & public speaking can help you live in the moment more often. You learn to center on sounds, actions, & feelings which help reduce stress & increase focus.

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