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Zabatta Studios & Solutions
Discover Your Voice. Build Your Brand. Grow Your Business.

What do you need to move forward?

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Voice, Piano,

and Acting Lessons

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In-Studio & Online lessons range from $112 to $240 per month.  
In-Home Lessons start
at $230 per month. 
Email for more info!

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Personal Coaching costs $280 per month (weekly sessions). Contact Me
for more information and to receive a quote.

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Workshops for Teams or Performance Masterclasses

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Workshops and Masterclasses can be customized to meet your needs.  Contact Me today for a quote and consultation.

About What We Offer

Why is it essential to spend your time, energy, and resources learning about your personal brand?  It allows you to live life on purpose and lead your career with consistency, not just reacting to circumstances.  Our courses are designed to help you find your authentic voice and personal brand while also helping you communicate and share them effectively in your business.   Our team workshops take this further by helping each person discover their role within the team, how to build rapport, and how to communicate and work together efficiently.

For those wanting to learn to sing, play the piano, or pursue performance on stage, we have lesson options for you.  We offer customized lesson options for adults and youth ages nine and older.  Before any student starts regular lessons, we provide an introductory lesson.  This allows us to get to know you and tailor the lessons to you, ensuring you get what you need and want out of the experience.

Whether you are a performer, teacher, or an aspiring business professional, we have workshop and masterclass options to help you better communicate and engage with others in a variety of venues and platforms.

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Hear about it directly from me...

Joshua Zabatta | Coach | Music Teacher | Consultant | Arvada, CO

Hello!  I am Joshua Zabatta, and I founded Zabatta Studios and Solutions with a primary goal in mind: helping people discover who they are at their core and empowering them with the skills and tools they need to move forward.  I do this through personal branding work, communication training, music lessons, performance masterclasses, and workshops.  No matter where you are in your journey, I can help you find and successfully take that next step.  Reach out to me for more information and to schedule a consultation.


Curious what Zabatta Studios can do to help you take the next step?  Take a look at these testimonials and hear what these people have to say.

Student Testimonial | Voice Lessons

Katherine & Alex
St. Louis, MO

“My brother and I were lucky enough to be students of Joshua Zabatta during our junior high and high school years. Joshua taught us what it means to use our authentic voices everyday. He helped us not only develop a strong singing technique but also showed us how to go beyond the notes to really communicate a message. As a result, it opened all sorts of opportunities for school productions and extracurriculars that might otherwise have not been options for us. Our musical auditions, performances, and school presentations were improved upon exponentially, but most importantly studying with Joshua gave us lifelong training and confidence moving forward.”

Student Testimonial | Piano & Voice Lessons | Colorado | Zabatta

Terry B.
Arvada, CO

"Joshua is very professional and a quality coach.  He's flexible and knowledgeable and brings significant practical experience to his lessons. I also appreciate his flexibility (song types, adding piano lessons, teaching sight reading, video lessons as well as in person). His explanations are very clear and helpful, and he's also patient and funny.  I've seen real progress in a short time. Very highly recommended."

Student Testimonial | Voice Lessons | Zabatta Studio & Solutions | Arvada, CO

Margaret H.
Matthews, NC

“After only three lessons with Joshua Zabatta, I feel much more free about using my voice. His technique encourages me to sing out and trust my body to produce the sound. Joshua has a flair for demonstrating good practices and gives suggestions for ways to practice in front of a mirror to guard against bad habits. Working with him is beneficial for any student wanting to get a great education and develop a solid technique.”

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