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Rushmore Music Festival expanding its campus and festival.

Rushmore Music Festival recently broke ground on its two dormitory buildings. These buildings will serve as housing for the festival's students each summer. The pics shared here are from the RMF Instagram page.

The Festival will run from July 17th to July 31st

Due to an increase in grant funding, Rushmore Music Festival will increase the length of its festival to 6 weeks in 2023. Session I will take place from July 17th to July 9th. Session II will take place from July 9th to July 31st. Furthermore, students accepted into the program will receive a full tuition fellowship. The only costs to attend are the meal plan at $550 per session.

How to be a part of the festival

Students can apply through the Rushmore Music Festival website. Students from ages 12-18 can submit performance videos of 2-3 pieces in contrasting styles. Students are also required to submit a video interview. Details are here. I hope to see you there as part of the festival.

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